Specialty Projects

It’s no secret that other general contractors call Ryan Company to handle the specialty and challenging projects. Ryan Company prides itself on stepping-up for our customers in times of urgency. We have been there to keep our customers operational after a fire, flood, or structural damage. We have performed work in the most delicate of situations; whether holding up a roof, working inside a food facility or a clean room, or working around a live, high-pressure, natural gas line, we are ready and equipped for the challenge.

Project Profile: Drive-Down Ramp

Description of Project

Ryan Company turned a basement into a parking garage by providing a drive-down ramp and masonry openings.

Challenges About the Project

The old industrial building had a 14” heavily reinforced floor that was strategically shored and demolished. New structural concrete was poured to provide access.

How We Met and Overcame the Challenges

Ryan company overcame the challenge by utilizing a 36” electric concrete saw and in-house shoring and equipment.

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